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Hello there!

All about me!

Cheyenne 2017-06-07

Welcome to me!

My name is Cheyenne and I have rediscovered coding after many years of skirting around the issue. I’ve been playing around computers since the early 80s and I’m continuously amazed at what wonders this industry gives us! And now I’m a part of it all too!

I may be a junior but…

I’ve got big ideas! My first step was completing a coding bootcamp with the amazing people at Bitmaker here in Toronto, and from there I’ve gone on to join the Ontario Digital Service and continue to learn and level up every day with an awesome team. Although I’ve mainly learned that I have a lot more to learn, I’ve made some pretty interesting things and will continue to work on my projects to learn even more!

I’m always interested in a chat!

If you’re ever interested in sharing something cool you’ve learned or just want to trade Monty Python quotes, I’m happy to listen! I want to expand my skills and confidence in order to work with great people and build even bigger and better things! Always interested in meeting new people and hearing the many different stories in the industry! Feel free to get in touch!

I'm gainfully employed!

Or what a difference a year makes!

Cheyenne 2017-06-07

I am now a junior developer with the Ontario Digital Service!

What a year! After finishing my coding bootcamp I’ve had the pleasure of working on some great projects with great people! In the meantime I gave time back to Bitmaker and helped teach the next ‘generation(s)’ after me! All while continuing to learn and grow my coding skillz and reaching out to companies I really wanted to work for. I wanted to find work that had meaning to me. I didn’t want to be another cog in a large corporate machine, and it was important that the work I would do had impact.

Every interview was an opportunity for me to grow and learn what it is about me that makes me stand apart too. It’s very obvious that as a junior you have a lot to prove and are a huge risk to take on for any team. But I kept plugging away and kept reaching out and practising. Reaching out and practising and reaching out and lather, rinse, repeat. I met some amazing people along the way and kept learning more about myself. It was both terrifying and fantastic!

But finally my real big break came after being rejected from what I assumed was my dream job. I had had an all day interview marathon session, I felt ready, I felt I had this one in the bag and it was going to be awesome!

I love Twitter. I use it every day and I can’t list the number of times it’s come through for me. Whether it’s free doughnuts or new friends across the world, Twitter has been a fantastic tool for me. In this case it literally got me a job! (Well ok, my hard work and continuing goal of being nothing short of being just me probably helped too!).

After my latest rejection I sent a tweet out into the ether reminding others to stay positive when looking for their first opportunity as a junior developer. And in return the ether sent me Amy. Amy used to design some pretty funky knitting patterns, lots of which I had purchased, and I had been following her for years. As it happens she’s also the assistant director for Ontario.ca! “What’s your stack?” she asked me. And suddenly…I was ready to jump in and say “Whatever you want it to be!”. Thankfully my logical side kicked in and I remembered what I DID know! (Never over sell your skills! You know stuff! Just make sure you don’t tell people you know stuff you don’t know!)

Amy and I had an email chat and next thing I know I’m sat at a table talking with three of her senior devlopers! I learned a lot that day. I learned that I know some things, I was reminded that I still had a lot to learn (honestly my favourite part of this game!) and best of all I learned that the provincial government was on the edge of something really cool after years of hard work by some dedicated folk. And here I am today! I get to work with said team, learn from some amazing people and in my own small way I get to be a part of the creation of the new Ontario Digital Service! How awesome is that?! That’s quite the journey!


Landing page for AvondaleCP

Cheyenne 2016-11-03

Landing page for Real Estate Startup: Avondale Capital Parners Ltd.

Great project and just the beginning for a new investment fund startup in Calgary, Alberta. Avondale’s focus is on medium sized properties in the Prarie provinces, especially supportive right now as the region works hard to keep up during an econonomic hiccup. This team was amazing to work with and I look forward to expanding the page as we go!

Tech Used

Simple static site put together using Jekyll, HTML/CSS, Jquery and Javascript. Mailchimp signup form used for tracking interested investors and distributing the group’s investor deck.

What’s next?

There are some aesthetic fixes coming in the future, as well as expanding the site to include information for current fund members and possibly a crowdfunding app later on!

My First Commision!

A custom page built for Blockchain Canada

Cheyenne 2016-07-22

My first ‘real’ website!

This landing page was a custom build for the non-profit group Blockchain Canada.

Their aim is to introduce Canadians to the workings of blockchain (or distributed ledger) technology. Blockchain technology has the potential to reorder the way the world conducts business. It is also a tool to help combat corruption and put data back into the hands of the people who own it rather than relying on a centralized source. Impressive words! But it really is an amazing new way of thinking about our world and how we can move through it.

My first clients!

This project was my first collaborative work with a group who had a clear idea of what they wanted and needed somone to make that a reality. It was a great learning experience, and one which has finally made me a believer in test driven design! There are still a few tweaks needed here and there but overall I am really proud of the final outcome! I could not have asked for a better first experience, and I look forward to making even more cool things with great people!

Walk This Way!

Bitmaker Final Group Project

Cheyenne 2016-06-25

First Large Group Project: Walk This Way

This was an amazing experience and a great project to build! I worked with a group of three incredible students in my full stack program. We created a way for people to share with travellers what they most love about their neighbourhoods.


We wanted to create a community driven site that allows people to suggest points of interest and paths to take for people travelling to their neighbourhoods. We have allowed them to create and add new themed walks through a custom GUI. As a tourist you can browse any place accessible via Google Maps and find a themed walk to take when you visit that city!

Tech Used

We put together this amazing project using Ruby on Rails as the back end, HTML/CSS/Javascript on the front end, and used Google Maps Javascript API to deliver the mapping magic! There is some Ajax throw in to speed things up!

Future plans include adding a user driven gallery, and fun things with the Twitter API as well as any new skills as we learn them!

What was it like working in a team?

In a word: Awesome! I lucked out though. I knew before the final idea was settled on who I wanted to work with. The people I needed to collaborate with were more important to me than the idea. We dealt with any minor disagreements amicably, and above all communicated well. That was the jumping off point for all discussions and we managed to come up with an amazing product that I am extremely proud of!

Check out my Github!

Be kind! I'm a work in progress!

Cheyenne 2016-06-25


My github is very very new and sparsely populated. It showcases my learning journey for the moment. I will be adding projects that I am working on to showcase my awesomeness!

Feel free to comment!

I’ve added a few new secret weapons to my tool belt as I’ve continued to learn, and hopefully will just keep on adding more! If you see anything I can improve on or know of projects that I could contribute to let me know!